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If your looking to start your Bjj journey and to learn the best self defense art in the world than this F.I.T.E. Fit is perfect place for you.

The Owner/Head Trainer Jay Rivera is a renowned Bjj black belt competitor and many years of experience as a trainer at various other Bjj Schools. Jay is very knowledgeable about the sport. He will work with you at your pace to ensure you meet your goals. Contact him to attend a free session and begin your journey.

Chris Callahan
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I highly recommend the JiuJitsu children's class! Coach Julian, Sensei Terry and the other coaches are fantastic at creating a fun and safe environment for kids to learn the techniques and build confidence. The class is a great balance between physical activity and learning. You can tell the instructors really enjoy teaching the kids and watching them progress in skill level. My son tried other martial arts classes but they didn’t really fit with his “style” of learning. I'm impressed with how the instructors tailor their approach to each child's needs, ensuring everyone progresses at their own pace. Big thanks to coach J!!!

Nick Fitzpatrick
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Whether you are a seasoned bjj practitioner or its your first time setting foot on a mat I can confidently say you will enjoy your experience at fite fit. I recently joined fite fit with 0 grappling experience and not knowing what to expect. Instantly I felt welcomed and at ease. Owner/head instructor Julian provides a great learning environment that is friendly, positive, and motivating. The instructors and fellow students are always willing to answer any questions and give guidance and feedback. White belt-black belt everyone is treated with the same amount of respect and encouraged to become the best version of themselves. I can’t recommend fite fit enough. If you were considering trying Brazilian Jiu-jitsu consider this your sign, you won’t be disappointed. I can guarantee everytime you walk through the fite fit academy doors you will walk out a better person!

Andres Sanchez
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The most inviting, professional, premier jiu jitsu gym around! The professors are all very high level and amazing mentors, this academy makes you feel apart of their family!

kayla rubacha
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As a current female member of F.I.T.E Fit, I can’t think of any environment where I’ve felt as respected & valued as I do here. It’s been an excellent experience with both coach Jay and coach David. The classes are structured and informative for all levels. The environment is supportive and clean.
There’s no better place to get started on your Brazilian jiu jitsu journey than FITE fit

Elyse Simpson
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Both my son and daughter go to classes several times a week and have been for months. It has been a wonderful experience for both my children but mostly for my 13 year old son. Jay has been such an amazing coach,mentor and friend to us. I highly recommend F.I.T.E Fit to anyone looking to get themselves or children into jujitsu. The staffs dedication here is unmatched and it shows 👏. Thank you

Angelot Jean-Pierre
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I have been a member at Fite for 3 months as a white belt. This gym has a great community of practitioners with a lot of experience that can provide challenges as well as growth. There is something for everyone here from beginners to more experienced. You can find great fundamentals and great rolls from the coaches like Julian, but most importantly you can find great people!

Brian Cousineau
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I recently joined FITEfit in December and I have had nothing but a great experience at the gym and with the people. I left a gym I loved and people I loved for an opportunity to get more training in because of the wider variety of classes both in the gi and in no gi. It was a great decision for my BJJ journey. Not only does this school have a man incredible schedule, but the owner/coach is a great person and puts so much care and effort into the gym as well as each student as an individual. FITE is very active in the community, I have seen multiple fundraising efforts for good causes as well as support showed for students who are trying to compete in BJJ and in wrestling.

This gym and team are focused on cleanliness, safety, and ego free environment where all ages, sizes and skill levels are welcome to come and train to get better on the mats and in their personal lives. There are lots of great places to train, and this one is a good as any. Don't take my word for it, do a trial class and see for yourself. It’s a great place and I’m confident you will feel just as I do. Good luck in your journey.

Shawn Allen
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My names Shawn Allen I've been apart of the FITE FIT tribe for 3 months now. Studying under Julian Rivera has for me been a complete transformation of mind body and spirit. Every student I've met has been so motivated to learn with me wich is a great benefit. There are 3 other instructors there that are just absolutely incredible jujitsu specialists. I totally recommend this place if your looking to change your life or just get into shape.

Matt Vaccarino
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Jay is such a great dude and the whole gym atmosphere is awesome. Sunday open mats are super friendly and welcoming. There are some really good, high level people in there so you can get great training in if you’re more advanced and beginners can get super great training in with people that know what they’re doing

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